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Yacht Clubs in Miami

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recently I was featured in the Yacht Almanac given to the Miami Yacht Club, which is one of the clubs in Miami that caters to teaching people of all ages how to sail. The yacht club offers classes, events, amenities, dining, regattas, and races for sea lovers to enjoy!
Other top yacht clubs in Miami include: Coral Reef Yacht Club, Sunset Harbour Yacht Club, and of course the Miami Yacht Club.

The Coral Reef Yacht Club hosts boating practices, yacht racing, and dining. Coral Reef Yacht club has a recreational feel consisting of activities for children and adults. The club also offers summer camp options for children and holiday events for the family.

Sunset Harbour Yacht Club has a different status, they follow green policies to keep Florida’s waterways clean. Like the Miami Yacht Club they offer amenities too. This yacht club is known for being proactive in the green world.

All these great yacht clubs offer different perspectives in the yacht club world. Miami Yacht Club has its heart in creating awareness in sailing, Coral Reef Yacht Club caters to families, and the Sunset Harbour Yacht Club is actively keeping our waters clean. All three have meaning behind their business.