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Brickell CityCentre Getting Bigger Already

Thursday, February 14, 2013
As you may or may not know already, there is a new building project in the works located in the area of Brickell. The Brickell CityCentre it's called. Even though this project is still in the early stages, they have added another 46 story residential building to this massive 3-block floor plan.  

 Incredible isn't it. Some highlights for The Brickell CityCentre are such things as an amenity deck, extra parking, a connection to it's elevated shoppping mall via an expansion ofthe department store over 6th street, as well as over 350 condos with river views. With this connection it will create a kind of street tunnel under the department store area in the sky. 

All in all, with the addition of this 7th tower, this mass production of buildings will equal for a total of approximately 436,499 sq. ft., a retail area of about 634,966 sq. ft., more or less 5,519 parking spaces, and about 1,174 residential units. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to when this project is finished. Don't be left behind. Talk to me, Silvia Alvarez your luxury real estate agent to find out more. 

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