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Swire adds third condo tower to Brickell CityCentre

Monday, March 18, 2013

Breathe in the fresh air after stepping out of a brand new condo tower, ahhhh... 

Imagine if the condo tower had retail space, offices, hotel suites, residences, and accessible transportation! Sounds great, right? 

Brickell CityCentre is going to make that dream real. Those that are in search to live in the north side of Brickell, this is your chance to get a head start to pick your future luxury condominium. Once you are settled in you can call your friends that live in the Brickell Key condominiums so they can enjoy the new tower with you. Also, there will be 350 units that are planned to be constructed and those units will start getting filled quickly. Once you choose your condo, picture the new people you will meet or maybe one of your friends will choose to live there too. Other towers (at least 21 of them) are planned to be constructed in the downtown area and 16 are currently under construction, so now you have more choices to consider. You may even want to simply invest in such a great property.

Whatever the case may be, if luxury is something you enjoy, then Brickell CityCentre is catered to those that do.