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Yacht Clubs in Miami

Apr 16, 2013

Recently I was featured in the Yacht Almanac given to the Miami Yacht Club, which is one of the clubs in Miami that caters to teaching people of all ages how to sail. The yacht club offers classes, events, amenities, dining, regattas, and races for sea lovers to enjoy!
Other top yacht clubs in Miami include: Coral Reef Yacht Club, Sunset Harbour Yacht Club, and of course the Miami Yacht Club. Read More...

Benefits of the Area

Feb 28, 2013

There are definitely pluses to living in places like the Portofino Yacht Club or even in Brickell Key Condos. The point is that living in this area, people have access to all sorts of locations. For your electronics you can literally walk around and find yourself a shop that sells electronics. There other pluses is that there are nearby pharmacies that are possibly open 24 hours for your convenience. For example, if you live in the courts at Brickell Key condos you can find plenty of retails stores, from high end stores to casual clothing stores; whether it is in the same store or right across the street. These condos are great to look at when you consider location. Another plus to living here is that these condos have gyms in side of them and restaurant nearby. The spas aren't too far off for those that enjoy relaxing on your time off. The possibilities of living here are endless, especially when it comes to networking. The networking may be great and all, but when your neighbors become your allies that is an even bigger plus. Imagine hosting a party and your neighbors don't have to drive a distance and if they do, they most likely will like your new condo and compliment it. Don't be shy to come and look at these condos, I am here to help you find your new home. Read More...