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Touching the Sky: Miami Construction Update

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Think Miami has enough buildings? Think again! Nine buildings are currently underway in heavy development.

  1. 1100 Millecento
    A whopping 42 story residential building with a gorgeous view of the Flatiron Park.

  2. Brickell CityCentre
    Spanning a total of four city blocks, Brickell CityCentre will bring 520,000 square feet of retail, 1,300 condominiums and apartments and almost a million square feet of office space.

  3. Brickell House
    46 story residential building, already creating some significant shadows.

  4. Centro
    Right off of 151 SE 1 Street, the landmark Gusmán Center is adjacent to the Centro. 352 condominiums will be built, along with a ground floor for retail.
    Unlike other buildings in the Miami area, Centro will not be offering parking. Centro is reaching out to the growing urban, no-car demographic in Downtown.

  5. Downtown Jewish Center
    Being the only religious project currently underway in Downtown, it represents a growing population in the inner city.

  6. Env Brickell
    Designed by Behar Font, the 35-story residential tower only continues to go vertical.

  7. Met 3
    Currently undergoing foundation work with two construction cranes on site, you'll be hearing more about Met 3 soon.

  8. Met Square
    Met Square is actually being reincarnated, along with it's sibling, Met 3. Met Square is planned to include numerous restaurants, a tower with 570 hotel rooms, and a huge 1,700-seat movie theater.

  9. MyBrickell
    One of the first residential towers to go vertical since the Great Recession. MyBrickell was topped off exactly a year after they begun construction in February 2012. Expect hundreds of new residents by the corner of SE 5th Street.

  10. West Brickell construction
    Hundreds of new residential apartments are being actively constructed in four different towers, all within West Brickell. These new apartments will help everyday Miami residents find a beautiful new home, when compared to the ultra-luxury ultra-expensive condominiums being built on the opposite side of Brickell, which are out of reach for most.